Trios Machine

Here at Arlington Smile Design, we are committed to embracing the newest and most effective dental technologies so that our patients can benefit from convenient and high quality, cutting edge dental solutions. To meet this commitment, we are pleased to offer patients dental treatment planning and restorations created using our 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner.

What is the 3Shade TRIOS dental intraoral scanner?
The TRIOS 3Shape is a sophisticated intraoral scanner used to create highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth. This third-generation machine is wireless, narrow, and available as a pen grip handheld device, as well as a handle grip and a chair mount version. This unique design enables the scanner to be manoeuvred effortlessly around the inside of your mouth, with 3D color images fed back to the TRIOS Design Studio program. These can then be used to create your dental restoration with pinpoint accuracy, facilitating a better, more comfortable fit and a smile that looks as natural and attractive as possible.

Key features of the 3Shape TRIOS
What puts the 3shape apart from other intraoral scanners of its type? Here are some of the key features of this technology that help to ensure that restorations created using the 3Shape TRIOS system are superior to the alternatives.

  • High Speed Scanning: Some patients find it difficult to hold their mouth open for long, something which can make taking accurate images difficult at best. Fortunately, the high-speed scanning delivered by the 3Shape TRIOS ensures that it takes just moments to capture countless, high-definition images that will be used to plan your dental treatment and create any restorations required.
  • Life feed video: In addition to high-def images, the 3Shape can also take live video which can also be used when planning your dental treatment and preparing your restorations.
  • Teeth shade measurement tool: An increasing number of modern restorations are being created to closely replicate natural tooth color as closely as possible. With this in mind the 3Shape TRIOS also has an automatic teeth shade measurement tool that can determine the specific color of your natural teeth and match your restoration to it. These shade values are stored digitally alongside the impressions of your mouth and teeth. This ensures that your restoration is as discreet as possible, and your smile remains uncompromised.
  • Integration with dental laboratories: The 3Shape enables us to send your high-definition images to a range of different dental laboratories so that the devices or restorations you need can be created with unrivalled accuracy. This includes implant companies, clean aligner providers, restorative labs and sleep appliance partners.

If you would like to benefit from the use of progressive dental technology, including the 3Shape TRIOS machine, look no further than Arlington Smile Design where your teeth are our priority. Please contact us today to arrange your confidential appointment.

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