Top Benefits of Sedation Dentistry​​​​​​​

Top Benefits of Sedation Dentistry​​​​​​​

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Visiting the dentist can cause some degree of anxiety or even fear in some patients. For other people, the mere thought of having dental work done triggers a physical and emotional response, causing uneasiness and apprehension. This makes even the simplest dental checkup procedures impossible. Does the pain from the injection, discomfort from keeping your mouth open for long periods, or lengthy dental procedures make you nervous or ill? Here are some ways you might find sedation dentistry beneficial:


  • Calm and Relaxing. Dental work can be a stressful experience for some people. They miss appointments because of the possible pain and physical discomfort that they think they'd experience from it. Sedatives offer a calming effect, allowing you to relax throughout the dental procedure. Sedation dentistry can also be a huge help for those who suffer an illness that causes them to have tremors or other involuntary physical movements. The sedatives help make you still, making it easier for your dentist to perform the procedure safely.


  • Pain Relief. Do you have a low threshold for pain? If so, you must find professional cleaning and other basic procedures very painful. The good news is sedatives are also excellent painkillers. Sedation dentistry is made available so each dental procedure could be as painless for you as possible. Sedation dentistry is particularly suitable for use if you need to undergo a major surgical procedure. In many cases, you won't feel pain or any discomfort during the procedure. Your brain won't register pain while you're under the influence of potent sedatives and anesthetics. Different types of sedatives have different capacities for minimizing pain, though. You may discuss with your dentist or oral surgeon the different levels of sedation. 


  • Reduced Gag Reflex. Your throat should have the ability to expel any interfering, extraneous object that can harm it. Your gag reflex is your body's natural response to protect itself from these dangers. If you're aware while your dentist is working in your mouth, especially deep in your oral cavity, the gag reflex could become problematic. Your involuntary spasms can result in injury, depending on the work your dentist is getting done. With sedation dentistry, you no longer have to worry about having a sensitive gag reflex. Since they will be paralyzed, your dentist can work easily and more efficiently. 


  • No Lost Time. Simple dental work can take longer than usual if you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia. Sedatives and anesthetics will keep you from squirming around during the procedure. They also limit or prevent frequent breaks for your mounting anxiety or fear. If you're feeling calm and relaxed, it would be easier for your dentist to get the work done much faster. This allows them to cover more work in less time. Even those procedures that usually take multiple visits may be completed in a single appointment because of sedation. 


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